Thursday, March 7, 2013

Muara Beting Beach

Bekasi as the industrial park located in West Java has very limited tourist destinations yet it has beautiful beach named Pantai Muara Beting.It is located in Desa Pantai Bahagia, Muara Gembong, West Java. At the moment the beach is still developed by the local government as a potential tourist destination in Bekasi.

The beach actually has beautiful view with its brownish white sand. It is good enough for family recreation. The distance from Central Bekasi is about 48 km yet the access roads are wide and easy to get there.The site is not yet equipped with many facilities but parking lots, rest rooms and private rooms to change clothes are already available. When you are hungry you can have plenty of  sea food served there. 

Monday, March 4, 2013

Taman Buaya Cikarang

Taman Buaya Indonesia Jaya Cikarang

The place is situated on the side of Jalan Cikarang-Cibarusah, Serang Baru, Bekasi. It is the place for crocodile conservation. There are at least 500 crocodiles at the site. It is one of the biggest crocodile conservation sites in the world.  

While there you can see the show of crocodiles which will be a good attraction for those who love to see the river's big predator's attraction. There are children's playground and several places to relax as well as stages for entertainment where you can see crocodile's performance. The ticket price is around Rp.12,000 ($1.3), for children is Rp.6,000 ($ .7) and it is free for children under 3 years old. 

You can see many kinds of crocodiles from different places in Indonesia such as Sumatra, Papua and many more.The place can be reached through the toll gate of Cikarang Barat (Lippo Cikarang) at the right direction toward Jonggol, Bogor.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Chevrolet is planning to build a factory located in Bekasi in 2013 which can produce 40,000 cars per year. The plan is also to support the making of Chevrolet new car showrooms in Jambi.

The inovations from Chevrolet in Indonesia are destined to satisfy its customers throughout the country and especially to Jambi area, the new upcoming showroom in Paal V is expected to be able to increase the trust and loyalty the customers toward Chevrolet     

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Industrial Area in Cikarang

Nowadays, the number of  foreign investors who would like to invest their money on several business in Indonesia especially at industrial area in Cikarang, West Java are increasing and it makes the Industrial Area in Kabupaten Bekasi geeting larger. The condusive economical condition is growing and affects positively in business. Even some of the industrial businesses have expanded their wings this year especially manufacturing companies.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Jalan Raya Inspeksi kalimalang is underconstruction

Jalan Raya Inspeksi Kalimalang, Tegal Gede, Cibitung is underconstruction at the mean time. The roads there are full of holes and are also in bad condition. Owing to this, the roads will be repaired and completely finish until Ramadhan 2011 ends.

Monday, August 8, 2011

For you who want to find jobs in Bekasi, Cikarang, and Karawang please find the job vacancies at jobs advert page. Hopefully It might be useful for you.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Tanjung Priok - Cikarang Highway

The Government of Jakarta is planning to build the new highway from Tanjung Priok to Cikarang (Tanjung Karang). The Highway is expected to reduce the usual traffic jam more than 30 percents and it will be .....